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Zeppelin Mini iPad Speaker Dock

Speaker stock is the least compatible with iPad. More specifically, its dock-connector port can’t make a sturdy connection with the dock connector in the cradle. Therefore, iPad speaker dock is desperately desire for iPad music followers. However, none of the iPad speaker dock have been proven to charge iPad while iPad's screen is on recently. Worse still, most of them do charge the iPad’s battery in very low speed if the iPad’s screen is turned off.

zeppelin mini speaker dockOne exception has been made it with Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin Mini. And with Zeppelin Mini, You can not only boost advanced acoustic technology, smart design, elegant connectivity as many other advantages like the original Zeppelin, but also you can get more than the abovementioned.

Bowers and Wilkins is a very good-looking device with silver accenting around the edges, and what will overwhelm you more is its outstanding slightness instead of this airship shape. Further inspection of this Zeppelin Mini: A small blue or red power light semi-hidden is behind the black speaker cloth; Volume buttons are secretly hidden around to the right side; A power socket is also designed to connect another device and a USB socket. All in all, it looks pretty and executive smart!

Most exquisite and delicate design of this ipad speaker dock is the docking arm: It is designed to twist along its length and through 90 degrees. And it can support your iPad by taking strain off the docking connector in the landscape orientation. Simultaneously, you can avail yourself of the Apple’s CoverFlow technology that cater for every iPad music follower who desires to hunt the music they feel like playing flexibly as the result of the landscape orientation.

And most importantly, Zeppelin Mini is capable of charging your docked iPad even when the iPad is on. But such an awesome accessory has its defects itself. To be specific, you cannot play iPad music with the Mini till now. Otherwise, it is compatible with your iPhone and iPod, and can stream music digitally from a PC or Mac via the USB socket. But for the sake of its ability to charge iPad, Zeppelin Mini can stand out beyond its counterparts. Of course, we are also awaited that Bowers & Wilkins can do more wonders for our iPad music followers.

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