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How to Put Music on iPad with Ease?

how to put music on ipadThe third generation Apple iPad the new iPad has been released already! As we know, Apple iPad is a tablet computer from Apple company. People use it to work for them, they use iPad to listen to music as well, because of the iPad, our life and work become easier and easier. However, there are many users still don't know how to put music on iPad, here, we are going to talk about how to added music to the new iPad with ease. Follow these instructions below and try to start putting music on your iPad right now!

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How to Put Music on iPad Step by Step?

Method 1: Sync iPad music automatically

Step 1. Launch your PC and run the iTunes on it. Connect your iPad device with your PC.

Step 2. Please click the "iPad" icon from the iTunes toolbar, and then click the Music button.

Step 3. Click the box beside the Sync Music, click the icon next to "Entire music library" or "Selected playlists, artists, and genres." If you are going to sync a specific song to your iPad, please click the box next to specific artists, playlists and genres.

Step 4. Kindly click the button "Apply" below the iTunes window. Done!

Method 2: Put music on iPad manually

Firstly, Install & launch the iTunes on your PC. Make sure that your iPad device has been connected with your computer, go!

Secondly, After the iTunes app has detected your iPad information, you can continue to operate. Kindly check the tab next to "Manually manage music and videos", then click the button "Apply".

Thirdly, Click Music button on the iTunes toolbar on the bottom of the Library category. Now you can start dragging or importing music to the tag "iPad".

Finally, Hit "Eject" icon when you have finished transferring the music. That's it!

Well, now you've got to know how to add/put music on your iPad, if you are a music lover and you want to play various kinds of music on the new iPad, you can try to use one of the two methods above mentioned. Are you ready? Just take action and have fun!

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