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Best Free Music iPad Apps Downloads

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Are you searching for best free music iPad Apps? You know the iPad brings over 1000 of new music iPad Apps for a particular interest, it means that these various Apps developers take care of music needs and built some good and user-friendly free music iPad Apps.

Tips: You can follow the guide to easily Transfer Purchased Items from iPad to iTunes.

We've tried, tested and reviewed all of the following free iPad Music Apps ourselves, rather than just guessing whether they're good or not. Prepare to deafen your friends, as well as enjoy some great tunes along the way!

free music apps for ipad Free Music iPad Apps - Air Guitar HD

Want to play the guitar, but only have your iPad? This just might be the free music iPad Apps for you. Air Guitar HD is fairly basic in its remit, but then it's also free. You get a guitar, six strings and five frets to strum to your heart's content.

free music ipad apps - guitar

The app works like any regular guitar, although holding it will make people think you've actually got a banjo so be warned.

Worth the 5 minutes of giggling fits as you try and replay those guitar classics.

shazom - free music apps for ipad Free Music iPad Apps - Shazam

Some 75 million users already swear by it and now you can find out what the devil that song on the radio or TV is too. Shazam for iPad is virtually identical to the iPhone offering, but merely has more room to play thanks to the bigger 9.7-inch screen the iPad sports.

free music ipad apps - shazam

That means more space to read about the bands you've requested information on, and basically a better experience all around.

Once you've tagged a song, you can see if it's available in iTunes, look at similar tracks by other artists that you might also like and check out artist release data too.

If you're feeling social you can share the song you've tagged with Twitter, Facebook, or email it to someone, handy.

If you're just bored, you can see the Shazam chart that tells you what other people are searching for and therefore find the tune that you like, but have no idea what it sounds like.

free music apps for ipad - piano Free Music iPad Apps - Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD

While many will say that Pianist Pro is the better app, it's also considerably more expensive than this free offering, and besides both, while letting you create some music, won't replace your grand piano. As a free offering, therefore, it's good for a bit of fun, giving you two keyboards to help you bang out some of your favorite tunes.

free music ipad apps - play piano on ipad

Basic isn't really the word for this, but it will quell your urge before you part with your cash for something better.

free music apps for ipad - track Free Music iPad Apps - Tap Tap Radiation

If bashing mindlessly at your iPad with your finger to a rhythm is your kind of thing then Tap Tap Radiation is the iPad game for you. Here the idea is to touch the circle, as a flying orb lands within it, in time with the music. The more times you do that the more points you get and the more you'll feel proud about yourself, just as if you've actually achieved something with your 20 minutes of spare time.

free music ipad apps - tap radiation

iPad users are treated to a further 30 free songs from the in-app store and you'll be able to buy further tracksBack to keeping it cheap and you get to play with the game or "Freestyle", which means you do all that tapping for no points - fairly pointless if you ask us.

The tracks probably won't be recognizable to you if you like chess or the quieter things in life, but it doesn't involve killing anyone so you should still be able to get the grasp of things very quickly. Be warned - we did experience a couple of crashes, suggesting this is an app that might need an update if you don't want to be disappointed mid gaming session.

Free Music iPad Apps - Soundrop free

Raindrops keep falling on my head... That's what you'll be singing after playing with this simple but mesmerizing iPad app. The concept is simple. A constant stream of balls flow out of an outlet down the page. You draw a line under the flow and when the ball hits it sounds a note. The greater the fall the higher the note and so the cycle begins repeating the sounds you make until you either go mad or enter a trance.

free ipad music apps - sound drop

With such simplicity this is great fun, albeit only for a couple of minutes, but is good for keeping the children quiet as you teach them the properties of cause and effect.

Lovely, but of course pointless.

Free Music iPad Apps - Sound Hound

A competitor to Shazam, Sound Hound has the added bonus of letting you hum your tunes to see if they can be recognized.

Besides humming, there is a voice search feature that works like Google Voice Search and you can of course share your searches, tunes etc with Twitter, Facebook and email.

free ipad music apps - sound hound

Those who need prompting as to what they should be listening too can check out the "What’s Hot", "Underplayed", and being newly "ID’d" and then when they've found the artist they want, can get further information like artist details, videos, and sometimes lyrics.

The free version in the UK only gives you five music searches a month (voice searches are free which means you can hum all you want, however in the US there is a paid-for option that will hopefully be coming to the UK shortly.

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